From The Writer’s Desk

I wonder how miserly did I think that I did not start what I always wanted to i.e. to express myself. Gladly, the day is here.The big picture is not surprising though: people should be amused by the content every time I write. For this reason, it is definitely not going to be genre-specific. I mean that would restrict my screams within to be outspoken, thus defeating the purpose.

While I am typing, my thought process is churning something I doubt I should go wild about. But this is how it is going to be natural. That is how I would shout out loud (Freedom of speech and expression under Article 19(1)(a) of our Constitution).Why burn your pocket on a relationship for achieving nothing and not invest in an unprofitable mess which may release you from the screams inside your head and heart?

I am going to drool in front of my friends about and might also make new friends for the purpose of promotion.

So to all(subset myself)- be a sport and encourage the venture(unemployed voice speaking) and comment me your screams to make this platform an interactive one. I assure that there are definitely going to be a plethora of posts where you will find a place for your screams to be buried in.