How much of an Orchid you are?

So beautifully bloomed in the shade of a tree

In the VIBGYOR of colours, you camouflage yourself in

A fragrance so vehement, enough to allure me.


Such bliss of uniqueness in a single flower

Blessed with both in tandem-

One deriving the ancestral characters of love;Synapomorphy

Also, the one having its own romance;Apomorphy


Although holds the justice of bilateral symmetry,

Unfortunately, resupinate on a mango tree.

O dear Orchid! Why would you let the tree host you?

Why would you not live on your own?




You don’t take benefit from the tree

And yet it takes the credit of your charm.

It holds the soil beneath firmly to stand abreast

And let you dangle on its branch with no harm.


O dear Orchid! Stop being the reliant you.

Be a white rose instead

With a black rose like me

We shall graft out our way together

Being the epic monochromatic beauty!











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