The Typewriter

“How old school can she be? She wants a typewriter in lieu of a laptop.”
“Maybe some hitch for possessing such not-so-common item. O yes! She loves stationery!”
“Now it’s comprehensive that what kind of a girl is she. Why can’t just she get it? I mean if she is that desperate to have it, get it. It’s not that she can’t.”

“Of course I can”, She enters the room and served the coffee to both of them.” But wait.Did you say desperate?”, She throws the cushion aiming Maria while making herself comfortable on the bed.
All of them shared a giggle and sipped the coffee from their mugs.
Meanwhile, Maria got a call and she went to the balcony to attend it.

“Hey see, how is it?”, Asked Trisha.
Trisha showed her a Tag Heuer for women on her cell phone. Obviously, it has to be a wow.
“Nice”, sipped her coffee.
“Naman bought this for my birthday”, told Trisha enthusiastically.
“F-ck! Are you kidding me?”, She almost spilled the coffee.
“But..umm…why..why a?? Why a watch? You already have four watches. How many hands do you have witch?”
” Arre, don’t you even know what to question? You could have asked, why a Tag Heuer? Idiot, Trisha nudged her to keep the empty mug on the table.

“Did she show you the watch? How is it? Nice naa?”, Maria returned.

 All she could do was agree. Because her judgments and criticisms are unviable. They are amongst the normal people. They can’t be wrong.

But what about her? She is no different. Just a tit-bit here and there. All she ever wished for was the significance of the gifts and gestures. For her, the typewriter is something which describes that he is a keeper. He values her sentiments and will always encourage her to follow her dreams and pursue the same with passion. Also, shouldn’t a person be thoughtful enough about the presents he gifts to his love?

“o hello! Lost? Let’s go.We are already late for the concert”, Maria pulls her out of her thoughts.

She smiled. Kissed her dog and left along with her friends for the concert.



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