Rest in Peace Tannu

Dear Tannu

I always had a lot to tell you. Mostly, Thank You. Thank you for being a wonderful person or should I say, an awesome person. Such a blithe soul you are, partying hard every night,  wearing the latest of the trend, so much flamboyance in a single soul. How much you love to travel and how much I got fascinated by the life you had. Although I really did not like this decision of yours. Travel as much as you want to. You could have opted for any place in the world if India did not give you many options. Why did you get so adventurous to go to heaven? Why did this apathy took you so far that you are not even going to come back? I know you do not actually care for anybody’s decision but for your own and of course, Unkle and Aunty’s who never actually questioned your decisions. But this time, they really didn’t want you to go. This very first time. Couldn’t you once accept it? 

I remember how Daddy always used to tell me- ” Be bold like Tannu. Fear nobody or nothing like her.” You know, it should have been irksome to me as to how he wanted me to be like you. However, it never was. Will he ever say that again to me? Didn’t you love to be a good example? I mean, I never minded being forthright like you. Had it been that you did not like me following you, you could have asked me. What was so perturbing that you went without even saying a word?

So many anecdotes I have about us, about you. I wonder if you remember them all. Do you remember the Mumbai trip? How we travelled in the ladies coach with a ticket of a general coach in a local train and then encountered the TT. It was quite a save dude. Later, me being an asshole to you for no reason. I am really sorry for that. I thought we buried the hatchet. You really shouldn’t avenge in this manner. Just come back and I will make up for it with a pup.

You had been my key to sneak out. All I had to do was call you and in no time, you were all set to take me out anywhere I want to. Were you tired of being an angel? Or you literally became one?

I just have to understand that it was necessary for you to free yourself from those perceptible shackles of the disease that deceased you. Not today, but the moment you stopped flying and contracted your world on a bed. Now that you have gone, you can fly high again.

Although I could not return your favour, I Love You. 



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