Momma Margery howling so high
was in excruciating pain
could be in a fear of losing
what she deserves to gain.

There comes out two peas of a pod
thus the labour was not wasted
the four-legged beauties adored by all
while a third one was also nested.

The third one was a bolt from the blue
dibilitating and unappealing
eyes were not as awed as before
but momma licked her with the same feeling.

Months passed, the babies grew
playing along with each other
games were same, so was vigour
temperament varied, however same mother.

Two peas of a pod wagged their tails
while the third one sniffed
two peas of a pod liked to get cuddled
while the third one gets miffed.

More days passed, Margery died
puppies entered adolescence
nights were silent and weary
 not for the one with the sixth sense.

'Tick-Tick' sound, the third one raised
all eyes shut, not hers
two black shadows entered the house
 all ears to the whispers.

One more step in the house
she didn't wait anymore
barked continuously, grabbed the leg
them weren't the people to adore.

Lights on!Two peas barked
sniffed the blood staining the floor
the third one was hugged,kissed
Heroism needs description nomore!



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