You are questioning my religion!

I wonder if most people feel what I do. I sleep but in my sub-conscious, a lot of dreams are formulated which are in fact strong messages to me. Thus, instead of feeling more active, I have a whole new concept to ponder and to share of course.

So here it goes-

I studied in an Orthodox Christian school. Although my brother was in a different school (He saw students learning to use a compass for defence in a tiff whereas I saw students learning Bible in a school), we were in the same school(mine) in my SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND ( events do not coincide with reality).

We have our exam and the invigilators are checking for chits or something (These are the things through which students avoid the useless mugging for nothing). One of the invigilators comes to me with a Taveez in his hand which apparently belongs to my brother which my Grandmother gave to him for his ‘well-being’.(For your convenience the Taveez is an amulet which has a scroll in it having either verses from Quran(if you follow Islam) or Hanuman/ Durga Kavach (if you follow Hinduism). It doesn’t happen if you swap the bracketed text as that would question your loyalty towards your religion. They look like these:

This was the moment(moment in my dream) I realised why there is a ‘siblings’ column in school diaries.

“Your brother is a genius but we are smarter. We found this ‘secret message keeper”, says the invigilator.

“But this is a..”, I tried. He did a 10minute therapy to soothe the metal to open it(which, according to them, my brother would have opened very conveniently in the restricted time of an exam). The look on his face seemed to be a ‘Eureka moment’ when he found the scroll. To his surprise, it was something in Sanskrit/Urdu. Now he has a different story- ” This is a threat to the ethics of the Examination.These things should not be brought to the school.”

And all I did was a protest with the slogan “You are questioning my religion!” (Endorsed by Article 25(1) of Indian Constitution).

Funny sub-conscious. As if it’s ever going to happen in my  SECULAR nation! 

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