What is so PINK about it?



PINK, which was released in 2016 is one of the remarkable works of our film industry.It is depicting the trial against three women, one of whom allegedly smashed the son of a politician with a glass bottle. Reason being? He was intimidating her to have a sexual intercourse with him. The whole trial was based on the moot on the conventional attitude towards women in Indian society.Some are being listed below-

  • Consent of a woman (‘Women’ is to signify that we are talking about females above 18 years of age as the one below this age may not have the apt mindset to give their consent according to the laudable judgement of Supreme Court on Marital Rape).


  • If she is not a virgin, there ain’t going to be difficulties in pushing her to bed.(She had a sausage in past with mustard sauce. So definitely she can have it again. So what if there is ketchup in lieu of mustard. Point is she had the sausage before).


  • Women from North-East India have just different ‘facial’ features( and flawless skin…and naturally smoothened hair..and are young up to 40-50 years). Otherwise, they are aligned with the rest of the society in terms of job, education, needs, lust, biology, fear, rape, domestic violence, gender policing, minority suppression and other basic things which go in tandem when she steps out of her haven.


  • If you are a brat of a politician in India, you cannot do anything worth repenting.(Let’s see, how this new SC judgement about the setting up of Special Criminal Courts for politicians to fast track their proceedings gives the fillip to cleanse the criminality of politics).

Fascinating is the fact that how beautifully the director comes up with the stereotypes prevalent in India and yet contradicts the whole idea with the title of the movie: PINK.

I am neither a feminist nor a conventionalist. I am just a woman who is tired of the mindset that XX= Pink and XY= Blue.I would not blame the person who has come up with this title as he/she might be an alma mater of a school like mine where the washrooms for girls had pink tiles and those of boys had blue ones.

The colour has been imbibed so much so that there was a ‘pack of women’ known as Gulab Gang which were on a move to save the women from the atrocities- well, nothing against it. After all, they were in ‘Empowered Pink’ Sarees.


Sometimes I wonder, what if these people come to know that I (and others like me) prefer blue over pink? What if they come to know that most of my lingerie closet has blue, black, grey and not much of pink, magenta?

Will they suspect that I have a hormonal tilt towards testosterone and not estrogen, unlike other stereotyped XX chromosomal species?

6 thoughts on “What is so PINK about it?

  1. Your ideas force the brain to think and question!
    1. Why is the area, marking the women’s only coach on the metro platform, painted pink!
    2. Why are the autos for women painted pink!
    3. Why don’t I have a pink t-shirt 😛
    4. Why do I and others relate the colour pink with women!
    5. Where did it all start! Who started relating colours with gender!… We don’t know this, yet we follow it!


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